How Does Remote (Virtual) Bookkeeping Work?

So how does the work get done when I’m not actually working with the clients on site?

It is more simple then it seems! I use the power of the internet and various applications (apps) that allow me to do the work remotely. And I am thankful for the opportunity to work and still be able to care for my daughter. After all, nowadays most of us are using online banking, multiple apps on our phones, we do video chats on skype and facetime with our friends and families, we pay the bills online. So why not have your bookkeeper work remotely.

You may ask why would I hire remote bookkeeper? Here are a couple reasons:

1. Unlimited, fast support available for you any day

2. You save by not having in house accountant and by not paying a huge price to your CPA.

3. You will have a trusted advisor letting you know about the ways you could increase you profits monthly or even weekly. You will know about your company’s financial standing before end of the year so you could make changes before it’s too late.

4. Limited number of clients lets me care for your business with extra attention.

5. You will save your valuable time and use it to focus on your business.

6. Your documents will be ready for your tax preparer on time, no hassle or headache for you. No worries!

Here is a simple case scenario of how the REMOTE part of the job is done.

1. I am a QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor. Both you and your bookkeeper can enter this cloud based solution from anywhere and from any device. It is very useful!

If you already have a QBO account, all you need to do is invite your bookkeeper so he/she could start working on your books. If you don’t have an account I can help you set one up from scratch (and even provide a subscription discount available for ProAdvisors).

2. The documents are placed and stored in the secure cloud based storage solution. I use Google Drive and Dropbox. I create a system of files for you to easily upload the information necessary for recording in the accounting software. You and I both have access to those files.

3. Another useful feature is that you can sync your bank checking and credit card accounts to QuickBooks and it will automatically pull up all the recent transactions so you don’t have to worry about getting monthly statements from the bank.

4. If I have any questions at the beginning of our partnership, I either set up a call with you or create a spreadsheet and send it to you to gain additional information about transactions.

5. Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly (your choice) virtual meetings are done with the help of Skype or Zoom to discuss your financial performance and recommend the improvements. I explain your financial reports and show you my findings.


6. For secure and easy receipt recording me and my clients like to use HubDoc. No more shoe boxes and no more audit scare. HubDoc integrates with QBO and let’s me know what purchase transactions need to be recorded. All you need to do is snap a picture, that fast and that easy!

7. If you would like me to take care of invoicing and billing, we can use phone, email or spreadsheets to communicate what invoices or bills need to be sent out or paid, the frequency and details.

I am not your average bookkeeper. I thrive to become your Trusted Advisor by knowing your industry and your business. You will see the value in financial advising, budgeting and forecasting. I help you figure out the profit margin and how to increase it. You will stay in control of your financials.

You can see other ways your remote bookkeeper can save you money here:

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give me a call or email me. I am happy to hear about your business and see how I can help you.

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