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5 Must Haves for Nailing Your Numbers
Get this comprehensive resource for understanding your construction business financials and tracking your numbers for FREE

Profit boost strategies
It’s a free quide you can start implementing today to earn more money! These proven strategies have been used by our clients, who saw significant difference in their businesses after they started to intefrates them into work.
Beginner estimating spreadsheet
This EXCEL estimating spreadsheet has enough details to help you develop your own system so you are sure that you are making a profit on each of your projects!


Quickbooks Online for contractors and construction businesses | All you need to know
Quickbooks Online for contractors and construction businesses?

You may have heard about it, or you are using it for a while now for your construction business. But there are a lot of hidden gems in Quickbooks Online for contractors that you don’t know about. In this video, I’m sharing some of the features that may be really helpful in growing your construction businesses and keeping your finances under control.
Save Time, Money, and Pay Yourself More
Welcome to Beyond Books Solutions!

My name is Elizaveta Boals, and I’m the owner of Beyond Books Solutions: Remote bookkeeping and advisory services. We help contractors to save time, money and pay themselves more!

We have years of experience working with construction companies only because we understand how different your industry is from any other.

We will lead you through your finances and make sure that nothing gets lost in it. We will be there to help, to advise, and grow your business!
Construction accounting | 7 SPECIFIC mistakes you want to avoid in construction accounting
No construction business is perfect. In fact, mistakes are a part of running a business, especially in construction accounting. So how do we make it better? Make sure that you are able to spot these 7 SPECIFIC mistakes that I talk about in this video and fix them in time or even prevent these mistakes in construction accounting from happening.
Burnout among business owners is becoming a significant issue. Often known as the “high achiever” sickness, burnout is a form of chronic stress.

Avoiding burnout is hard, but whenever you feel like you are burned out and ready to give up, it is actually the right time for changes. So what is the first step to the peaceful state of mind in our business? You guessed it right: systems and processes!
How I started my Online Business | Remote Bookkeeping | Business during pandemic
How I started my online business during the pandemic? Starting a business is often linked to freedom. We all want more time, more money, and the freedom to make our own decisions and be our own bosses. For me, it was all of these and more. Watch the video and let me know if you could relate to any of the reasons why I started my business!
Importance Of Data | What You Need To Know To Grow Your Business
Have you ever considered the importance of data in your business? How do you run your business? Do you rely on emotions, feelings, and simply winging it? Or do you actually take the time to sit down with your team and analyze the numbers? Data is essential in analyzing all your numbers and growing your business. In this video, I’ll be talking about how important it is to know what you need to grow your business and why DATA matters—, no matter what industry or niche you’re in.
6 Mistakes in Business to AVOID
No business or business owner is perfect. We all make mistakes in business. Whatever industry we’re in, we are faced with challenges and mistakes that could either make or break us. Today, I want to talk to you about my top 6 startup mistakes to avoid in your construction business. You might be asking, what does a construction accountant like me know about making sure a construction business keeps running? Well, I won’t be sharing these anywhere else, have a look, take notes, and don’t forget to give a thumbs up if you can relate or if you have found this useful!
Importance of Balance Sheet for Your Business
To ensure that your construction business remains profitable, you can get an idea of how your construction company is doing financially through your balance sheet. Whether you’re running a startup or an established construction business, a balance sheet will give you a snapshot of what assets and liabilities you have right now. The balance Sheet will also help you and your team make sound decisions to ensure your construction business is headed in the right direction.
Building a strong foundation for construction success: let’s talk numbers
In this video, we are talking about the financial aspects of being in business that will help you in building a strong foundation for construction success.

The only way to know if the price you charge is enough is if you know your numbers. So let’s make sure you know the financial requirements for operating a successful business.
How Financial Statements Are Useful For Decision Making Purposes
In this video, we are looking into the benefits of having updated financial statements and how financial statements are useful for decision-making purposes.

Financial statements show the current financial health of a business, as well as provide a glimpse into future trends.

Having financial statements is one thing, but knowing what’s in them and how to interpret the data is another. It helps you make informed, strategized, and profit-focused decisions.
Building a Strong Foundation for a Successful Construction Business
In this video, I am talking about Building a Strong Foundation for a Successful Construction Business. Failing is easy when you make your decisions and goals for granted. And in the construction industry, it’s really important that you stay ahead of the pack, remain profitable, and you’re always finding more ways to make your company invaluable to your customers.

Today we will find out why many construction businesses fail, how to not only survive but thrive, and how a success mindset can help you.


Common Errors in Construction Estimating

Accurate estimating is crucial for the success of any construction project. Yet, even experienced contractors can make mistakes that lead to cost overruns and delays.  Understanding these common errors can help you avoid them and keep your projects on budget and on schedule. 1. Insufficient Allowances One of the most frequent mistakes is underestimating material […]

3 Most Common Reasons You’re Undercharging as a Construction Business Owner (and How to Fix Them)

As a construction business owner, you might be undercharging for your services without even realizing it. This is a common issue that can significantly impact your revenue and growth. Through my work with construction business owners, I often identify areas where they are not pricing their services appropriately, whether in specific aspects of their projects […]

Collecting Invoice Payments in Construction: Tips for Success

Efficiently managing bills and payments is crucial to keep your vendors happy and your projects on track. Below, we delve into the specifics of processing payments in construction, including the importance of consistent invoicing, offering digital payment methods, the power of over-communicating with clients, and identifying positive patterns in successful contracts. Follow these tips to […]

Everything You Need to Plan Your Construction Finances

Our remote bookkeeping company specializes in helping construction business owners like you increase profits, save time, and pay themselves more efficiently. Today, I want to share the importance of planning in construction accounting and how it can keep your business financially healthy and thriving. Let’s dive into the key aspects of financial planning! Setting Clear […]

How to Categorize Construction Expenses in QuickBooks

In the world of construction accounting, organizing expenses efficiently is key to maintaining accurate financial records and understanding project profitability. QuickBooks, a popular accounting software, offers powerful tools for managing construction expenses and materials effectively. In this video I show you how to set up your QuickBooks if you are a construction business.  In this […]

Transforming Your Construction Business with Remote Bookkeeping Services

Gone are the days when you had to hire a full-time bookkeeper to manage your financial records. The traditional setup came with its fair share of costs, including salaries, benefits, and office expenses. There’s a modern solution that’s changing the game: remote bookkeeping services. With remote bookkeeping, you can access professional financial support without the […]

Building a Financial Roadmap for Your Construction Business

Navigating the competitive landscape of the construction industry requires more than just skillful project management and robust operations—it demands a keen understanding of financial management principles. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of proactive financial planning for construction businesses and provide insights into creating a comprehensive financial roadmap to drive long-term success. Understanding […]

The Top 2 KPIs Every Construction Business Should Track

In the dynamic world of construction, managing projects efficiently is key to success. Yet, with so many moving parts, keeping track of every detail can feel overwhelming. This is where Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) come into play. By focusing on a select few essential metrics, construction businesses can gain valuable insights into their project performance […]

How Construction Industry Accounting Differs from Traditional Accounting

Construction industry accounting versus traditional accounting – what’s the difference? It’s easy to assume that basic accounting will suffice for a construction company, but your industry has unique financial considerations and challenges that will shape your accounting processes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the many unique aspects of construction accounting. Job Costing […]

DOL Update: What It Means for Construction Companies

The Department of Labor’s update finalizes the independent contractor rule. Construction companies already work with contractors and sub-contractors, and if you don’t abide by these rules, it can lead to some significant financial consequences: Four lawsuits are pending in Louisiana, Georgia, Texas and Tennessee to challenge the changes.  If you work with anyone who may […]